Video Projects

 Video Projects

For my final year dissertation project I created a documentary about the lack of aftercare for reality TV stars. The project received a first and also was posted about in the Daily Mail. Watch the full video below.

Starring: Sally Phillips, Nadia Essex, Daniel Elahi, Akeem Griffiths & Elisha-Jade White.

The journey of the documentary was discussed on BBC Radio Nottingham with Summaya Mughal. The full interview can be listened to below.

After creating videos for Rescue Rooms for a few months it was time for their birthday party! Here’s a highlights video of all the action from the most beautiful music in Nottingham.

BBC Radio Nottingham

In 2019 I filmed and edited a highlights video for Summaya Mughal’s mental health music event titled ‘Summaya’s Sessions’. Check it out below.

Nottingham has some of the greatest budget music festivals in the country! As a personal project I filmed and edited these two videos from Beat the Streets and Dot to Dot festival 2018.

For Nottingham Trent Tigers cheerleading showcase I presented, filmed and edited the performances for some of the best university cheerleading in the country!


For some bizarre reason vimeo videos just don’t want to work! However, if you click the link below you can watch my proudest video to date. As a team with BFI we created a documentary on cerebral palsy and the beautiful relationship between twins Lydia and Harvey. It’s only 6 minutes but trust me, this is the one to watch!

Also for the BFI but in Norfolk & Suffolk I produced this video with the most adorable children. Check it out!

Every year the Trent Gradball is filled with excitement and is a true celebration of time at university. Alongside Ashley, I presented, filmed and edited our mini masterpiece.

At Trent TV I created a short package as part Big Campus Question for Trentertainment. The video  on whether men and women are judged differently on their sex lives and body count.