Welcome to GINFOLD!

I’m Georgia, a music reviewer and videographer currently living in Nottingham. I prioritise reviews for Musosoup and SubmitHub so send me fun content over there or through my ‘send me your music’ page.

Isn’t music just the greatest thing? If I’m having a bad day I know the exact songs that can improve my mood and there songs which are so nostalgic that they give me a fuzzy feeling inside. Even horror films without music just wouldn’t be the same (even if I do want the volume the down to zero because I’m frightened of any scary movie). Those are some of the reasons why I created this site, to share with you the music I love and to help you discover new music from all kinda’ genres.

When I’m not writing away, I am a final year Broadcast Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University. My background is within videography and documentary making so if you want to see some of my previous work have a cheeky look on my ‘Portfolio’ page!

If you’ve got a story or a song I’d love to hear it – click on my contact page to share your passions with me!

Peace and love,

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