Is ‘Tastebuds’ the dating app of the musical future? // REVIEW

After using Tinder and Bumble for a while, I was getting in a bored cycle of swiping left and right to match with people who I had little in common with so wondered if there was an app that I could connect with something I value so much: music.

I found ‘Tastebuds’ after a quick search on the internet and was surprised how easy it was to navigate the app. It had similar features to Tinder where you could swipe left and right but the additional feature of music taste was intriguing.

Users select their favourite tracks through connecting with Spotify or Apple Music which feature as ‘top tracks’ on the app. You can then select a favourite track which is played when their profile pops up on your device.

However, the app had less than a million users so finding the right person in my location was going to be difficult. I found that a lot of users had a niche interest of heavy rock music which I wasn’t overly familiar with.

My favourite part of the app was the optional questions you could answer in your profile. I answered what song I would want at my funeral as well as what I’m listening to right now but my search for an indie boy who enjoyed finding unearthed musicians was getting less likely by the swipe.

I wish ‘Tastebuds’ had the same market as apps like Tinder and Bumble which millions of people use every day. Music taste is such an important factor when making new connections with both friends and potential boyfs.

Although ‘Tastebuds’ had some incredible features including being able to send songs to your matches, it doesn’t have the same drive as Tinder does. If only there were more users…

So, if you’re looking to connect with new people through a shared music taste then download ‘Tastebuds’ through your IOS or Android app stores for free and get swiping and singing!

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