Musical moments that last a lifetime

Tomorrow I graduate, a day that I have dreamed of for so long and in this bizarre moment knowing I will never return to university I felt a wave of emotion with both happy and sad tears when reminiscing over the greatest three years of my life (so far).

One of the most valuable parts of my university experience was presenting my very own radio show where I got to share the greatest soundtracks from films in a specialist show that brought together two of my favourite things: music and film.

There are scenes in films that will never parallel into real life (although I still dream of some scenarios appearing in my day to day life). In my radio show I got feature my favourite songs which were featured in films anything from The Beach Boys to ACDC.

Imagine watching an emotional scene in a film without any music? The film may not have the full effect that (usually) brings me to tears. Films like The Notebook and Love Actually connect with that little soft part within you that you can often forget is there.

Three years at university has meant there has been a whole load of changes in music, new songs, club bangers which have gone from happy songs to memories had hold a lot of emotion. Afterglow by Wilkinson will forever hold a special place in my heart with precious memories of drunk dancing with my best friends.

Who would have thought that listening to ‘Baywatch’ or ‘Country Roads’ would make a girl tear up? It’s not the songs however, but the memories that are held with them. These memories will stay with me forever and although at first, I thought leaving university was the saddest thing possible, I have now learned that it’s just a chapter of my personal story that is over and the next chapter is going to be even more exciting and filled with new memories.

So listen to the songs that make you sad but instead remember the incredible moments they bring back. This is an emotional time for us all, university has changed me so much and it’s thanks to the incredible people I have met and all of the songs I have listened to.

Peace and love,

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