Who’s saving pop music? We’ve got it covered…

Oh yes girls, we’re back! That’s right pop music is popping right now and I am more than pleased to share with you the girls that are killing it right now.

Now, I was never one for pop music I think it was because of the stereotypes that went with it and I never felt that through my teen years that pop music connected with me. I never heard the message that was within those songs and instead listened to indie bands that took an alternative approach. That was until now.

I grew up as a child listening to Spice Girls on repeat, making dance routines up alone in my bedroom thinking I was on the stage at Wembley singing to thousands of fans. Their comeback connected to me and the millions of girls who stood for girl power and independence.

It took seeing the Spice Girls performing again to turn that female independence switch back on. There was a burning need for me to see women singing about issues that now as an adult I could understand as well as still being that fan girl would wanted to scream every lyric like it was the last thing within me.

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Beyoncé was the ultimate leader and the release of her Homecoming tour on Netflix reinforced her power but there was a new girl in town who I couldn’t deny had talent beyond belief. May I present to you, Lizzo (if you haven’t already caved to her evident gift).

‘Cuz I Love You’ is an album 2019 NEEDED. I was begging for it. Her positive attitude to boosting the voice of a woman brought girls together when we needed it the most and I’m not just talking about feminism. Her single ‘Truth Hurts’ was on repeat in our house which proved we were 100% those bitches. Her album promotes self-love, living in the moment, being a free spirit and is solely fuelled by female dominance. God love ya Lizzo.

Lizzo released the single ‘Blame It On Your Love’ with Charli XCX in 2019 and it is one to be OBSESSED with. Charli XCX is the dark horse in pop music right now. At BBC Big Weekend only a few weeks ago Charli sang with MILEY CYRUS in Middlesborough. I know. I can only imagine the electricity on the stage – what a dream!

Now Taylor Swift has left her country days (yes, even I had a soft spot for them) and went through her attempt at bad girl riri but her latest single ‘You Need to Calm Down’ is an anthem. Her spirit that delves into messages that all of America want to hear…

…AND THOSE LYRICS ‘you say it in a tweet that’s a cop out’ oh or ‘shade never made anybody less gay’. The LGBT community are SCREAMING. See ya later keyboard warriors, Taylor’s telling you want to do and honey you better obey.

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Netflix has its great share of concert films with Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s being no exception. Yet it was Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ (which is no longer on the UK Netflix) that got to me the most. Her emotional journey shares a horrific divorce through belting ballads that have so much more meaning that any person but her could understand.

2019 is the year of the comeback and Katy Perry is back too! Her latest endeavour ‘Never Really Over’ lyrically speaks to all the girls who have been heartbroken yet in such a poppy number. Even if it may sound like the theme of hundreds if not thousands of pop songs you’ve heard before, Katy brings a fresh and contemporary take on modern love with ‘I can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name’. It’s horrifically true (and I hate that I love it).

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All of this female empowerment doesn’t even match up to the 21st century Spice Girls. My guilty pleasure that is not even guilty anymore. Boy I’m proud that I love Little Mix. Their 2018 album ‘LM5’ spoke to an audience which was oh so fiery and totally not what I expected when I heard of their fan base, which also included my 10 year old cousin.

Now, Little Mix have released ‘Bounce Back’ which makes me want strut around town in my heels surrounded by my very own girl band filled with confidence and not a care in the world. The single also samples Soul II Soul’s ‘Back to Life’ bringing together the youth of today and the Mum’s born in the 80’s who will hear this song on repeat in the car, on the way to school, you name it. POWER. GIRL FREAKING POWER.

Man, I love music and I’m no longer ashamed of being a pop fanatic who listens to belts her lungs out to songs which are just about being a girl. Your music, your choice. Right now I feel like the girl who gets the Ashley O doll in the new Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror on Netflix and I’m LIVING for it.

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