New tunes for June (wow rhyming) featuring Yellow Days & Gavin Turek // MELODIES OF THE MONTH

Each month we add 20 new songs to unearth new musical talent amongst rising stars in the industry. This month I got sent a mix of songs and I have discovered some new gems including Ben Hughes who you NEED to listen to! Click that gold box if you want the full 200 song playlist.


Monster Florence feat. Miles Kane – Thunderclouds

Blue Lab Beats – Keep Moving

Tame Impala – Borderline

Yellow Days – It’s Real Love

Joshua Radin – Here, Right Now

H.E.R – Racks (feat. YBN Cordae)

Zach Said – Catch a Feeling

Porij – I Like That

Gavin Turek – WHITNEY

Phil Fuldner – Take Me

Laville – Easy

FINNEAS – Claudia

Christian Leave – Never

Noname – Song 32

THE S.L.P – Nobody Else

The Jungle Giants – Heavy Hearted

Vampire Weekend – I’m Goin’ Down

Ben Hughes – CK Girls

Will Heard – Naked

kelly tia – better

Be sure to check out the full playlist on Spotify and feel free to send me some of the favourite tracks that you’ve discovered this month.

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