Boppity bop to the top! Featuring Easy Life & Jade Bird // MELODIES OF THE MONTH

Happy 2019! When I see someone wearing headphones in the street, I find myself curiously wondering what they are listening to but don’t pluck up the courage to ask because, well I think it would be quite odd. So instead, I’ve compiled a list of all the songs you’ve sent me over the last few weeks.

If you want to send me some songs that you’re loving right now feel free to click here or add tracks to the playlist by clicking on the artwork below.


Noname – Song 31

Nobody Knows – Russ

Mollie Rainford – I Like You

Apre – Without Your Love

Easy Life – Temporary Love Part 1

Circa Waves – Movies (Alternate Version)

Need Somebody to Love – Ady Suleiman

Beirut – Landslide

Sam Fender – That Sound

Jade Bird – Love Has All Been Done Before

Elijah Miller – Alfred Benson

Archie – Imagine (Feat. Matilda)

For Islands and Fire – Dermot Kennedy

Nina Cobham – Camomile Tea

900 Miles – Hold Tight (Feat. The Kooks)

Flooded – Too Much For Lucy

Fat Night – Question

The Motive – Different Kind of Love

Athletic Progression – Stepney Tale

Office Hours – Sunday

I know it’s been a mix of rising stars and unearthed talent but thanks for listening. More to come next month!

Peace and love,

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