7 female artists you should be listening to right now! // MUSIC

Who run the world? Girls. That’s right and what better way than to introduce to you seven ladies who you should be listening to on repeat. I’m all about appreciating #WomeninMusic so here is my top 7 (there are so many more but just listen to my Spotify playlists wink wink).




The pop/soul sensation you just can’t shake. Poppy Ajudha may be most known for featuring on Tom Misch’s track ‘Disco Yes’ (A VIBE). Her poetic background is apparent through the political lyrics in her 2017 release ‘Tepid Soul’ which shares her experiences as a mixed race woman. Poppy is on tour until April. Catch her.




I created GINFOLD to share artists like Tash Sultana. The one woman band who can do things with loop pedals that electrifies your skin. Her latest album ‘Flow State’ is as addictive as her more popular songs ‘Jungle’ and ‘Notion’. Be prepared for soft electric guitar overridden by husky vocals.




At 18 years old mxmtoon shares lyrics so mature yet so delicate. Her latest offering ‘plum blossom’ contained ukulele on most of the tracks – a soft, easy listening choice. In 2017, mxmtoon had a electric pop collaboration with Peachy!, both their most listened to track on Spotify.




Inspired by Lauryn Hill, Noname is a leading female rapper who made her fame after getting a guest spot on Chance the Rapper’s mixtape ‘Acid Rap’. She’s even collabed with ya girl Ravyn Lenae. If soft jazz and rap is your thing, you’ve come to the right place.




An artist I found through ‘New Music Friday’ was the soft power ballad ‘White Lines’ which premiered on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stevens. Her latest EP ‘Faze Green’ features ‘White Lines’ and ‘We Never Dance, Do We’ that you can hear with full band at Notting Hill Arts Club.




A ditsy, kinda awkward teenager who likes to experiment with sound effects and creates music videos by singing into her computers webcam. Clairo’s music has reached the likes of Rejje Snow and a collab with him is coming soon. She’s the internet star making her way in the music industry.




Soulful pop is at the heart of Amber Mark’s music. The release of her EP ‘3:33AM’ saw an insight to her personal story and loss of her mother, making it a very emotional listen. Yet, Amber can do both. If you’re seeking a bop that makes you wanna dance on the beach it’s ‘Heatwave’ you should be listening to.


And that’s my top 7 female artists that you should unearth! There are so many other female musicians I’d love to feature and I’m always up to listen to more so send me your female faves right now.

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