Maisie Peters is always playing ‘In My Head’ // SINGLE REVIEW

Maisie Peters releases ‘In My Head’ the first single ahead of her ‘Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket’ EP out on November 2nd.

From the age of 9 Maisie Peters has been one to watch. This was abundantly clear when she was bold enough to enter the Guardian’s Short Story competition. Her hunger for storytelling was present from a young age even though Maisie admits that it was a terrible story submission.

2018 has been a year of releases for Maisie Peters. Her latest offerings include tracks such as ‘Worst of You’, ‘Best I’ll Ever Sing’ and ‘Details’, a track also included on the latest EP. Additionally, Maisie took a haunting approach to her Spotify Sessions cover of the upbeat and catchy Friends theme song ‘I’ll Be There For You’.

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‘In My Head’, the lead single on the EP, opens up with soothing violin alongside with a poppy beat but it’s not all as upbeat as may you imagine. The lyrics gently captivate you into a narrative which feels relatable, even if she did write part of the song whilst babysitting. With honest lyrics and dreamy synths, ‘In My Head’  is both romantic and heartbreaking simultaneously.

The penultimate track, ‘You to You’, takes an old school Lily Allen vibe which I’m obsessed with. The heartbreak narrative flows from song to song, promoting the message of having to put on a front and boys being a pain. Ugh, who would want them!

The ‘Dressed Too Nice For a Jacket’ EP proves that girls can be hella’ petty when it comes to guys, we are just ‘jealous, bitter and mean’ and there are situations that you think are perfect in your head but don’t even exist in real life. Man, I can’t tell you how many fake relationships I’ve had in my own little head!

Aside from her EP release, Maisie Peters is currently supporting Tom Walker on his tour. After taking the UK by storm, the pair are currently touring around Europe with second support act Sody until December.

Maisie Peter’s EP ‘Dressed too Nice for a Jacket’ have songs to fall in love to, dance at 2am with the love of your life to, and have as your first dance at your wedding. It’s a love affair you don’t want to end; your first and last love all wrapped up in 6 songs. November 2nd. Listen with love.

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