‘When I Dream’ it’s mostly of SAN CISCO // REVIEW

Fremantle based indie-pop band San Cisco have released their latest single ‘When I dream’, the first single since their 2017 release ‘The Distance’.


We’re flying back to Australia for another Triple J favourite (I won’t give up until I work there I swear). This time San Cisco have released a 70’s pop vibe. Frontman Jordi Davieson describes it here:

We have been writing ‘When I dream’ for a few years now. The early demo’s came from a period where we were super infatuated with the west coast sound of the 1970’s, listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Eagles etc. Lyrically it is one of my most honest and personal songs and it feels great to finally release it into the wild.

San Cisco have altered their sound a lot since their first release back in 2010 which has a Passion Pit soft-pop vibe. Drummer Scarlett Stevens upped the tempo in the latest album ‘The Water’ and ‘When I Dream’ follows suit.

Their sound takes reference to Passion Pit, The Jungle Giants and Vampire Weekend (who I miss terribly… release your new tunes please). With a sun-kissed, laid-back Aussie vibe, ‘When I Dream’ makes it feel as though the sun is beaming on you even if it’s pouring with rain here in England.

The band are known for their effortless instrumentation and the gorgeous harmonies between Scarlett and Jordi and San Cisco put on quite the show. I first saw them live in 2013 when Jordi pronounced the city Norwich as ‘Norwick’. I fell hard for them as a growing teen and even now my love for San Cisco continues to blossom.

Fast-forward to 2018 and San Cisco are selling out shows across the nation. In partnership with Triple J, San Cisco are currently on tour.  If you are in Australia (you lucky things!) you can get tickets for their October tour with, can you believe it… BALL PARK MUSIC. There’s only have a few shows left so sell em’ out while you can!


Released on Island Records, ‘When I Dream’ is that synth pop groove that you need to make it to the weekend. I don’t know about you but ‘When I Dream’ I hope for San Cisco to come back to the UK and tour once again.

UPDATE: San Cisco have just released some new merch and let me you, I’m obsessed with! It’s currently only available in AUS but worldwide is coming soon!

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