Mac Miller is ‘Swimming’ to the top // REVIEW

Mac Miller is more than a masterpiece. The Pittsburgh born rapper has released his latest album ‘Swimming’ that has a psychedelic twist filled with funky basslines and jazzy overtones.

We all remember Party on Fifth Ave. released in Miller’s 2011 album Blue Slide Park. It’s that song which contains a sample of the ICONIC James Brown hook in ‘Unwind Yourself’. Mac Miller’s music had such different flavour back then; it was upbeat, filled with nostalgia and an ode to pop-punk.

‘Swimming’ is Miller’s fifth studio album which explores his own curiosity in the world. He’s been an enigma up until this album, only being in the spotlight when with his now ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. It’s one of the things I hate the most about the release of this. Instead of being referred to as a talented individual, he’s hidden behind a plethora of labels attached to Ariana Grande.

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The pre-release had only two songs out and TRUST me when I say I had them on REPEAT.  Self Care gave me self-confidence where I didn’t care what I looked like, this is me, I’m giving myself some self DAMN care and I’m treating MEEEEE right.

After being away due to his high profile breakup, Mac Miller told Zane Lowe, the Beats 1 host, that this isn’t a breakup album. It’s his own personal discovery where at points we’re floating above water and others we’re struggling to keep afloat as referred to in ‘Jet Fuel’.

“Got my head underwater, but I ain’t in the shower, and I ain’t getting baptized,”

Music and lyrics are such a powerful medium. Even when the message is so clear in front of us, we can overlook and misread the narrative or be too late to help. The death of Mac Miller came faster than we could ever want or expect even if it was all there in front of us.

As a community of music lovers, we need to help prevent the stigma behind suicide and the effects of drug/alcohol abuse. We have lost another talented musician at such a young age but let’s keep Mac Miller’s music going and find passion within his songs.

Peace and love,

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