Sunflower Thieves make my ‘Two Halves’ whole // REVIEW

Nottingham duos don’t get better than this. Sunflower Thieves have released their latest single ‘Two Halves’ and it is making my heart whole. With lyrics so distinguishable combined with a soft-pop echo, ‘Two Halves’ gives Beach House a good run for their money…

It’s clear that after 15 years of friendship Amy and Lily aka Sunflower Thieves have synced their sound beautifully. Their voices grow into harmonies that match better than my eyebrows (even on a good day).

Once again, Adam Illingworth has stunned us all with this BEAUT artwork!

The acoustic vocal breaths in ‘Two Halves’ which resonate with First Aid Kit and Jade Bird are perfection when out of the mouths of Sunflower Thieves. It’s like listening on a cloud filled with tender touches or an extremely comfortable hug.

Watch out First Aid Kit, Sunflower Thieves are in town and ‘Two Halves’ will be ‘a threat to you’.

With a narrative of fear, love and simply embracing your surroundings (those sunsets are so beautifully visual), ‘Two Halves’ brings together natural insecurities in their lyrics so delicately and pure.

The sound of Sunflower Thieves has flowered so much since ‘Love Is’ and ‘She Paints Her Face’. The addition of drums and electric guitar has brought Sunflower Thieves on a higher commercial level. ‘Two Halves’ matches the vibe of Beach House (who are simply incredible), but with two female vocalists Amy and Lily will be ones to watch in the future.

One of my favourite things about this band aside from their music is their support network. Their tree of encouragement and talent in both families grow to make Sunflower Thieves a name you can’t forget. Music is at the heart of these two girls and they glow like yellow sunbeams. It’s a joy to see the power of unconditional love that both Amy and Lily give and receive.

The latest single ‘Two Halves’ from Sunflower Thieves was released on September 7th and is already getting hundreds of plays including a new favourite on Dean Jackson’s ‘Beat on Beeb’. Be sure to follow Sunflower Thieves on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with this ever-flowering duo. Check out ‘Two Halves’ on all the usual places (links below).


Peace and love,
Header image: Lucy Beth Photography

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