Eyre Llew’s Farewell to Asia Show @ Nottingham Contemporary // VIDEO

Eyre Llew, the ambient-rock trio, have played their last UK gig before they fly out for their Asia tour. Sam, Jack and Jack have stolen my heart and let me tell you, they will steal yours too.

The music of Eyre Llew transports you to a place where the saddest things in life don’t matter, even if it is only for a few minutes. Behind the layers of drums and ambient guitar, there are messages of moving on and knowing that everything will be ok.

Technology allows this band to create innovative sounds that play so deeply into the hearts of the audience. It’s rare when music with little or no lyrics can create such an atmosphere, yet Eyre Llew have mastered it.

The ambience of Edca is a song that I can’t get tired of. Eyre Llew’s music evoke positive emotions that you don’t even know you have and Edca is a standout for this. It’s very clear to see how hard each member of the band has worked to create the end product of ‘Atelo’ their debut album, through learning new instruments and working tirelessly on social media, gaining press and gigs.

Just thinking about the future of this band is quite exciting when you can see how far Eyre Llew have come in the last two years or so.  This is proven by the crazy festival experience they have had travelling from the UK to multiple destinations including Poland, Estonia and South Korea. This magnificent trio are definitely on their way up in the world!


Eyre Llew’s gig at Nottingham Contemporary has been no different. The band were joined by the beautiful voices of Laurie Illingworth and Daudi and I couldn’t think of better support acts (not just because they are two of the loveliest people you will ever meet). Each brought their own raw emotion to music and projected it to a hungry crowd. There is no other city than Nottingham where you will get vocals like these guys and I cannot wait to hear more.

I really do hope you enjoy this video and the band even more so. It’s been a pleasure to see Eyre Llew perform and to film their last UK gig of 2018 is a moment I am so proud of. Please check out their socials for updates and if you’re in Asia, it’s your lucky day! Their Asia tour starts in September. Anyone want to fund a trip to Asia so I can indulge Eyre Llew once more? HMU.



Peace and love,

Header image: Sam Nahirny

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