Silver Wilson are ‘Close Enough’ with their new summer bop // REVIEW

Silver Wilson are back a year after the release of  ‘I’ll Be There’ and summer is definitely their season. ‘Close Enough’ is filled with subtle drops (of tomato juice), rhythms with so much (salt and pepper) flavour and spicy (tabasco) vocals topped off with a kick of vodka. This is the only Bloody Mary you won’t want to miss out on and I’m ‘Close Enough’ to being drunk.

Nottingham is well-known for its up and coming music scene and Silver Wilson are covering the WHOLE DAMN indie-pop department.


With a plethora of instruments mixed with an electronic beat, this four-piece have created a singular sound that resonates with a parrot, I swear. Or maybe I’ve listened to this song one too many times. Either way I wanna party with these boys!

Of all the bands I could relate this too I’m getting a weird Glass Towers, Satellite Stories and a Jungle Giants vibe. All of these bands are favoured by TripleJ and are names popular in Australia. That’s right, this song fits perfectly with Australian summers on the Gold Coast.

It’s a shame that Love Island is over as this song would fit beautifully over slow-mo shots of Caroline Flack and catching up with the gossip of those islanders we couldn’t get enough of. That is until a few weeks pass and you forget every single one of their names.

On the song itself, Silver Wilson have created a production that visualises a care free summer, with vocals that you fight for and want to sing-a-long to. Just because the summer season is over, don’t stop listening to ‘Close Enough’ and reminisce on that incredible summer we have just had.

Also, check out that FINE artwork from Adam Illingworth. The artwork sells the tropical vibe of the band and those colours. Yep. The whole thing is *hearts eye emoji*.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I hope there’s more music coming soon. Silver Wilson reel off banger after banger and I’m hungry for more. If you want to keep updated with the band check out their socials below.


Or if you’re lucky enough to be in Nottingham and want to hear this beauty live check out their gig at The Bodega on October 20th. Tickets are available here.

Peace and love,

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