‘Step One’, does it need a step up? Zander Yates // MUSIC REVIEW

The Seattle based single-songwriter, Zander Yates has released his latest single ‘Step One’. With an acoustic guitar and grunge vibe, Step One is a politically motivated track with a strong lead man.


With a 10-second intro, this song doesn’t have the strongest of starts, radio play may be minimal because of this. However once the beat of the guitar is in, you begin to feel the vibe that Zander Yates is trying to promote.

As much as a DIY style is great, it would be nice to hear this song with less reverb and more instruments. The song seems more of an echo rather than using reverb as a positive effect.


Lyrically, this song has such a strong message and the writing is powerful. However, there needs to be a stronger bridge and a repeatable chorus as I struggled to find how I would remember all these beautiful lyrics.

I understand that creating music, renting out a studio and releasing a song with a large production is expensive work. It might be an idea to work alongside a producer who can add a catchy melody to ‘Step One’.

Now, not a bad start for Zander Yates. With a larger production and less of a DIY tone I’m sure Yates will be a name you’ll remember and not because it’s the name of your local pub.

Peace and love,

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