My head is still in the clouds because of 88rising // ALBUM REVIEW

A 17-track album you ask? On my three-hour journey to Nottingham, this album is making me feel like I’m cruising on this road trip with the windows down and a nod of my head. I’m basically a gangster, right?


Anyway… 88rising have released their first album ‘Head in the Clouds’ and there is a mix of everything from the chill, sexy tones of NIKI in the lead track La Cienega joined by Joji, who is one of my Australian favourites to heavier rap and R&B which is on trend.

I was sent this album from a Tinder match. Let me repeat… A TINDER MATCH. I think this might be love.

88rising are the champions of Asian youth street culture and are a collection of artists who have come together to create this compilation. As you delve deeper into the album there is still a ‘chill-vibe’ but joined by a plethora of rap, hip-hop and R&B.



AUGUST 08 said of the labels (88rising) collective spirit “to build a culture, you have to have the right peers in place and 88rising are the people creating those platforms for those kids.”

With 17 tracks to choose from it’s difficult to appoint one song as your favourite as each track has a different vibe, inspired by someone different in the collective. The lead song ‘La Cienega’ staring 88rising, Joji and NIKI would typically be my vibe but I most want to groove to track 8, ‘Lover Boy 88’.

The vocals and harmonies on ‘Lover Boy 88’ build up with multiple instruments creating a more upbeat tune. Once you reach half way through the track there’s mellow soul combined with rap in two languages which I believe to be Chinese – correct me if I’m wrong.

Most recently I have been inspired by Asian music with In the Endless Zanhyang, We Are and Billy Carter being two bands I’ve got to work with from the South Korean community and 88rising are can now be added to my list.

If you’re a fan of Childish Gambino’s latest track ‘This is America’ then ‘Disrespectin’ on the 88rising album is the one for you. It’s more rap, but has elements of multi-cultural instruments that make me want to dance. If I could twerk, I would definitely twerk to this song.


Now, I have to say a big thank you to my Tinder match for sending me this band. It’s been quite a relief to be sent music recommendations than an inappropriate picture that I didn’t ask for.

Check out 88rising on their socials and listen to ‘Head in the Clouds’, their latest album worldwide now! Now I’m going to keep acting like a white gangster with no shame and  having a boogie on my road trip back home.

Peace and love,

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