Last Dinosaurs latest single ‘ELEVEN’ is 11/10 // REVIEW

After the success of ‘In A Million Years’ (my favourite Last Dinosaurs album) back in 2012 and ‘Wellness’ in 2015, Last Dinosaurs are back baby and what a pleasure it is to say!


‘Eleven’ is the latest release from the Australian indie-kings and is very much inspired by The Strokes after the Last Dinosaurs frontman saw The Strokes at Splendour in the Grass back in 2016. With its catchy guitar and pop vocals, you can clearly hear those vintage Strokes tones.

Much like Last Dinos older stuff, I instantly feel like I’m listening to the sound of summer. ‘Eleven’ does make me feel like I’m on a July road trip, sipping on cocktails and tanning by the pool.

On Reddit there were mixed reviews with music ‘pros’ saying that their marketing strategy is wrong and that Last Dinos should release their album in the next week or so. I have one response to this… leave the fans wanting more.

After the release of their single ‘Dominos’ at the beginning of the year and ‘Eleven’ now, there’s no harm in waiting a bit longer before the album release. Keep on top of social media, learn the lyrics or just send them a cheeky DM, I’m sure they won’t mind just keep listening.

You can listen to the audio below to feel the same way I did about this HIT track.

Now for my wonderful Australian readers, you’re in luck! The Brisbane based band have just announced a 2018 AUS tour starting in October. If you’re a UK reader like me, I think we’ll have to wait a little bit longer…

Peace and love,

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