If you’ve missed the energy and style of the Spice Girls and want a 2018 version with three members then REIGN are your ladies. To make it even better, they performed at Acoustic Rooms and I’ve got such a buzz!

One year after forming the girl band REIGN, the three-piece who are on their way to creating their first EP. When they sing together I get vibes of the top girl groups of all time – I’m talking Destiny’s Child meets Little Mix but they’re so much edgier and look like they’re sponsored by Topshop (I’m waiting for you to drop a massive discount code pls).

REIGN consisting of Ellie, Flick and Meg have got this innocent sass about them. They’re young, fun and definitely mouldable. If I was a music exec/producer I would sweep they up ASAP!

Aside from that, REIGN can sing! Their harmonies may be a little 2008 but honey when they hit it right it’s like England have just scored the final goal for the world cup – I get a little tingle in my body!

In the future I would love to see old school songs reworked for their harmonies and give 2018 passion to some Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill or even some Winehouse. REIGN definitely have a bright future if they keep up this beautiful strong female narrative and harmonies that I want in on.

If these girls have nothing else they definitely have style. I wish to give them all my money for them to buy me all the latest and cool clothes. If the music career doesn’t work out girls then please become stylists (or just mine).

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Field trip 🏕

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REIGN are a new band building a following and MAN please check out their socials – it’s like Pretty Little Thing having given me the greatest girl gang. REIGN are on style, on pitch and totally on point.


If you missed Reign perform this time around you can catch them on the 5th of July at Notting Hill Arts Club for Tempo & Flow.

Peace and love,

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