Acoustic Rooms is a mixed bag. Most weeks you find the same people turn up showcasing their ever-growing musical talents. However, there are some rare nights where you notice a spark filled with innovation and you find something so special that you didn’t even know you were looking for it. That spark is In The Endless Zanhyang, We Are.


Flying all the way from South Korea, ITEZWA are here for a purpose – to deliver great music from a country that I didn’t know had such an electric and talented music scene.

At first I was sceptical whether I would enjoy soft airy vocals but with a rock foundation that could possibly be in lyrics where I don’t even understand the language but with music, language is no barrier and ITEZWA make a point to prove that.


The band had the following of local Nottingham band Eyre Llew when they were on tour in Asia last year and much like having a foreign exchange student come to stay when you’re in year 9 German, they come back with you to explore your own country.

Eyre Llew made no mistake in bringing ITEZWA to the UK. I was so involved with their performance at Acoustic Rooms that at one point I had to remember that I was filming these guys. It was nothing like what I had heard before. I can’t even give you a band that’s remotely similar as they are so unique and powerful in their own genre.

It’s a performance I will never forget and in a room so small I never felt a band to be bigger. It was as if they were performing to thousands of people, an energy that transfixes the mind and definitely one you don’t want to end.

Flying to South Korea just to see this band would be an expensive and extremely long journey but let me tell you, it would be worth every penny and that horrific jet-lag feeling.

Feel free to check out their socials and I’ll link what I can find below. I got to film a live video for In The Endless Zanhyang, We Are recently and I would love if you check it out.


Peace and love,

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