On Monday night we had a very international version of Acoustic Rooms amongst all the action was Latvian musician and artist Elizabete Balčus who brought innovation to our special open mic night.

Imagine being so confident to wear a full body catsuit made of lycra, a hat made from white kitchen gloves and the ability to create music by using fruit… think about it. I definitely couldn’t do it but one talented goes above and beyond what is expected from a singer.

Elizabete Balučus travelled to England for a short UK tour travelling between Sheffield, London and our very own Nottingham to perform music and art from her latest album titled ‘CONARIUM’.

Although covered in confidence, Elizabete seemed rather timid and nervous but her performance was immaculate. Beginning with an experimental form of music using various fruits and vegetables to create sounds or beats which were added to her psychedelic voice.

Most of her music was made through her laptop and layered until there was an electric rhythm. I have never seen someone perform such art alongside their music. It was transformative and quite frankly mesmerising.


Elizabete Balčus has a clear talent for entrancing a crowd of people and for the first time in a while it was extremely silent when she performed inside Rescue Rooms.

Although I don’t know much about the Latvian music scene or how to make music from fruit, I was extremely impressed by Elizabete Balčus’ performance. Filled with a new style of music and performance – a true theatrical production and one I wouldn’t forget for some time.

If you missed her performances this time around don’t worry Elizabete will be back to the UK at the end of July. For more information check out her Facebook page.

Peace and love,

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