Tom Walker teaches me how to do the perfect Yorkshire accent // VIDEO

After interviewing Ryan Sparrow a few weeks ago, I felt it would only be right that I have a chat with the very talent man that Ryan once supported.

He’s an award winning upcoming British singer/songwriter and I’m certain you’ve heard his latest single ‘Leave a Light On‘. I’m excited about this one, it’s Tom Walker.

I was welcomed with a warm hug when I met Tom Walker at Rescue Rooms. Although he had lost some equipment needed for his gig later that evening, Tom Walker kept his spirits up for the brief time I was with him. He only stopped to answer a phone call from his girlfriend who had found that missing piece of audio equipment. From then on, Tom’s face had lit up.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

We discussed whether it is acceptable to put fish on pizza and impersonating his Yorkshire girlfriend… now that’s one to watch. After the interview Tom tweeted that he was going to a Nottingham open mic which naturally I followed, and it was RAMMED. I’ve never seen Jam Café like it. The power of social media, eh?

I went to the gig after Jam Café and sent videos of Walker’s performance to my brother, who is a massive Tom Walker fan. I usually hate asking to have a photo with musicians but this time I wanted to be the mean older sister. Needless to say, my little brother was extremely jealous.

Check out my interview with Tom Walker below.

Peace and love,

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