Deaf Havana have countless nights of NO SLEEP! // VIDEO

Last week Deaf Havana played Rock City as part of their UK headline tour. As a Norfolk girl I was surprised to find out that these lads were from my ‘endz’ (I’m still working how to be one of the cool kids).

I think I missed the golden opportunity of who can do the best Norfolk accent – I’m still disappointed about it. However, Matthew and Tom from Deaf Havana were a delight to talk to about the power of social media.

They have grown from the band name with no meaning to over 140,000 likes on Facebook. With a big 2018 coming up (especially festival season, get excited for it), Deaf Havana told me how they have had countless nights of NO sleep in the lead up to their new release.

Have a listen to my interview with them below!


Peace and love,

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