What would you sacrifice to do what you love? // ACOUSTIC ROOMS ~ VIDEO

After travelling nearly 4000 miles from Chicago to Nottingham to pursue his music career, Joey Costello the ‘sad, soppy, songwriter’, tells me about his experience and inspirations.


With a calming voice much like Ray LaMontagne, alongside lyrics as pure as one of my all time favourites Michael Kiwanuka, Joey has a vocal gift that Nottingham is blessed to endure.

As the host of the open mic at Rescue Rooms (Acoustic Rooms), Joey performs each week alongside the other acts to not only practice his own music, but I think, to help the other artists feel at ease, to give that extra bit of confidence.


After filming at Acoustic Rooms for the last two months, I have spoke to people in the audience who like me, get such a high feeling from Joey’s voice. His vocal control and pitch is unique and pure which adds to this dreamlike sensation.

Joey has been performing across Nottingham to get his name (and voice) into the minds of others and it’s worked. He’s made friends with the likes of Lowrie, Adam Peter Smith and TheoTheo who have continued to inspire him.

Most recently Joey had a release gig for his latest single ‘So High We Lose Our Minds’ at Jam Cafè alongside TheoTheo and Iona Wellington which was featured on BBC Introducing East Midlands with the one and only, Dean Jackson.

I have been lucky to watch Joey Costello perform several times over the last month and each time I connect with a different song. ‘When I Sing’ is the song that is most special to me and I’m hoping for a new release of it soon!

After interviewing Joey at Acoustic Rooms a few weeks ago, one phrase that he mentioned stuck with me;

‘In order to attain something great you must give up something equally great in return.’

To leave your job, family and everything in between to follow your voice is admirable. It can inspire anyone who wants to chase their dreams. Joey’s drive and attitude fits well to the phrase ‘if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it’.

With big plans for 2018, you should get listening to his before he’s performing alongside the big dogs.

Joey Costello’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes and his social media pages. Take a listen to his heart-wrenching love songs and fall for his voice just like I did.

Peace and love,


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