What’s after 5,6,7,8? // NTU Cheerleading Showcase 2018 Video

Nottingham Trent Tigers have begun their season with a showcase of all seven of their own teams as well as performances from Trent Dance, RDC and LCA.

The event took place at Nottingham Trent University and the organisers were stunned to find that the event had sold out. When I arrived, there were queues throughout the whole Student’s Union – impressive right?

Over 300 cheerleaders performed on the day to a sell-out crowd performing 2 and a half minute routines filled with high energy stunts, jumps, tumbles and dance to an upbeat soundtrack.

To take part in this event has been an honour. I am cheer obsessed and watching all of our Tigers perform made me extremely excited for the season ahead.

Throughout the day I created videos alongside my camera-queen Lauren Clemson and together we made this four minute video highlighting some of the best bits to our very own upbeat soundtrack.

Have a watch and endure what could be the best three minutes of your life*.

Peace and love,

*This is not a guarantee…

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