Beat the Streets: Ones to Watch // Notes of Nottingham

Beat the Streets is a brand new festival coming to Nottingham to help raise money for Framework, the Nottinghamshire charity dedicated to bettering the lives of homeless people.

The Nottingham based festival has been organised by DHP Family, the name behind festivals such as Slendour, Dot to Dot and Everywhere as well as some of the city’s most well-loved music venues.

DHP’s George Akins said: “The aim with Beat the Streets is to make it a force for positive change, using music to bring together the people of Nottingham to raise funds to help make a difference where it is so desperately needed.”


There will be live performances across more than 10 venues across the city centre including Rock City, Rescue Rooms, Rough Trade and The Bodega to name a few.

With over 80 performances on the last Sunday in January, it would be rude to not give you a preview of some of my ones to watch.

Chloe Rodgers

Chloe is the winner of Notts Factor 2016 and is known for her acoustic covers alongside her sublime originals. ‘The Algea’ is romantic and filled with lust ‘my heart is sinking into sleep’ that gives me *heart eyes emojis* UGH. If you could fancy a song, this would be my crush.

Eyre LLew

My favourite Nottingham based band (yes, I have favourites) and I’ve been hoping to seem them live for a very long time.  The tranquil and harmonious three-some create songs which sound like you’re living through a dream with narrative style videos with the most beautiful scenery. Get these guys on your ‘to listen list’.

George Gadd

After reaching Left Lion’s ‘Top of the Notts’ 2017 on Twitter, George has been on the lips of Nottingham and after you hear ‘Sweet Tea’ you will understand why. George Gadd is on the way up after playing on BBC Introducing East Midlands back in May and what a way to showcase his talent pre-Beat The Streets.

Joseph Knight

In a recent interview with Trent TV Joseph Knight was crowned a ‘Notts teenage prodigy’. Alongside this, Joe’s YouTube channel is where you’ll find your very own JK craze. He’s off on a 5-day tour in March including Fox Talbot’s on the 16th in Nottingham so after checking him out at Beat The Streets, I’m sure I’ll see you down there.


Kagoule have recently KILLED it (not literally) on their UK tour. Kagoule are bold, creative and filled with a collection of teenage experiences. Their latest video ‘Monsieur Automaton’ proves this 90’s punk vibe (check it out below). Catch this funky lot while you can as after Beat The Streets they’re shooting off to Europe. Simply, killing the game.

Rob Green

This guy make me want to smile every time I hear him sing. Like c’mon, he even sang at the BBC Proms last year. THE PROMS. Rob Green doesn’t just sing to a crowd, they are obsessed with his fun attitude so expect a well-loved and packed crowd. If you’re looking for a one to watch this year, it’s this guy.

Sleaford Mods

Just when you thought Beat The Streets couldn’t get anymore inviting they’ve managed to bag Sleaford Mods, the lads who sang on Jools Holland. That electronic punk band who say it how it is, how we all want to hear it. They make Oasis look weak (too bold? NAH) Sleaford Mods have got me ‘Tied up in Notts’ so you should join.

Super Furniture

Take a seat because Super Furniture are going to provide you with comfort with an edge. They’re not only an award winning band but Super Furniture have played the main stage at Rock City and opened Splendour Festival. Super Furniture are Nottingham through and through. Why do I love finding new music in Nottingham? It’s because of these four. Super Furniture.

Beat the Streets is a great opportunity to raise money and discover new Nottingham musicians who could be added to The Notes of Nottingham. Tickets can be found here and here. They’re only £5, though an added donation is recommended.

Get the latest updates with #BEATTHESTREETS on Twitter. Stay tuned and I hope to see you there.

Peace and love,


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