5 films of 2017 // REVIEW

2017 has a been a huge success for film. La La Land kicked off the year in style and set the benchmark for the 2017’s film industry, but the best was yet to come.


This year I was lucky enough to interview Lady Macbeth herself Florence Pugh and director William Oldroyd which you can check out below…

The film itself is intense and in my opinion the plot pushes the film forward alongside the female power this film presents. Although the film is set in the 19th Century, Florence Pugh’s character is endearing and with the subtle intense music it completely involves us as the audience into her mind.

It goes as number 5 into my top films of 2017 because of its intense nature which fits ideally into the drama genre.



Led by Emma Stone and Steve Carell, Battle of the Sexes is a hilarious and female-empowering film teaching the world that women are worth more than a single dollar.

The plot based on the true story of Billie-Jean King’s fight for equal pay for male and female tennis players is a film that all young people should watch to teach them that men aren’t superior to women, they are equal.

Since its release, Battle of the Sexes has been nominated for two Golden Globes and naturally it falls into my top 5 so stay tuned, the battle will be on.



You’re not wrong when you say this list is FULL of female empowering films but 2017 brought women to the forefront and Wonder Woman is no exception.

Gal Gadot taught the world that women can be heroes too. Young girls across the globe saw this film and were empowered. These young girls are our future female generation so rightly they should be brought up with such inspiring messages.

Wonder Woman brought innovation of visual effects to the public eye and incredible moments such as “men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary”, which naturally I laughed at.

A fantasy tale filled with action, passion and adventure it was undeniably going in my top 5 while I was watching it. Well played director Patty Jenkins.




After being premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight section at Cannes Film Festival 2017, The Florida Project didn’t leave audiences disappointed.

The juxtaposition between rich and poor is so important to this film. Presenting a budget lifestyle on the cusp of Disney World’s resort highlights some of Florida’s underrepresented population and raises questions about modern America.

A little fun fact for you: the final scene was shot INSIDE Florida’s Disney World using an iPhone without the resort’s knowledge or consent… cheeky right?

I’d say it’s a film you can only watch once, but once is enough as it will stick with you for a long time. A very well deserved number 2 for 2017.



You got me. Number 1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle. One of the most well shot and imaginative films of not only this year but at least the last 10 years. I cannot remember the last time I saw creative cuts and multi-angle camera shots that fit so perfectly together.

I put off watching this film for a good month after seeing so many Compare the Meerkat adverts on TV months before its release. There’s only so many times you can watch meerkats perform alongside Colin Firth before it gets a bit too much.

However, the advert worked. This film didn’t leave my mind! With a stellar cast alongside a well thought out second part to this franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle had me intensely watching every scene.

There were predictable moments and completely obscure scenes that left me in awe while say ‘wow’ and ‘did you see that?’ to my friend I was watching it with. I felt like a little kid, obsessed with its humour including Elton John who completed the film for me.

It’s my film of the year for 2017 so get out there and watch it (PS. if you’re not really into action or comedy this film is still for you as Channing Tatum is major eye candy so don’t miss out).


Peace and love,


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