One to watch when you need to cry: What Dreams May Come (1998) // REVIEW

When someone suggests I watch a film I’ve never seen before I’m instantly intrigued, but if someone suggests a Robin Williams film I’ve never seen, I take a moment to process it and then I’m intrigued.

I was told NOT to watch the trailer, to go in blind with only Robin Williams as my guide. Good Will Hunting is one of my favourite films alongside Jumanji, Dead Poets Society and Awakenings so when it came to watch What Dreams May Come there was a high bar set.


Now if you’re looking for a tear jerker, this is on the money – it even had me crying in the first 10 minutes and I don’t think I stopped for a good while. I would have kept crying but alas, I was probably dehydrated.

Although the film is labelled under fantasy it was realistic and explores the theme of death sensitively. Robin Williams’ character had depth and gripped me from the beginning, I even put my phone down for the entirety of the film – that’s how you know it’s good.


The heroine and drive in the film played by Annabella Sciorra (known for her role as Gloria in The Sopranos) was portrayed perfectly with a relatable touch which completes the film. If this set is what heaven looks like I’ll be a happy lady for sure.

I maybe a bit late to the party when coming to watch this film (only about 20 years), but it was completely worth the wait. Robin Williams did it again and this film is now up there with the rest of my favourite Robin Williams films.


Now that I’ve been recommended it and have a big love for this film, I recommend it to you. If you’re in need of a cry, some life long inspiration or just something to watch hungover on a Sunday, What Dreams May Come is one to watch.

Peace and love,

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