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Music has the power to evoke a feeling, ease pain or even change perceptions. Adam Peter Smith is my one to watch this week on The Notes of Nottingham and he excels in all of the above.

With Jazz at the heart of his music, Adam Peter Smith has released his latest EP ‘Songs for Dreamers’ which has a French undertone transporting me to Paris with a coffee in hand while looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distance. To transport your audience to a fairytale moment is a songwriting skill that is difficult to achieve yet Adam Peter Smith nails it.

Adam Peter Smith is a local Nottingham artist who is different from what you would expect from a singer/songwriter. After studying Film at Nottingham Trent University, it’s clear Adam understands how instruments fit together similar to the creation of film scores.

‘Songs for Dreamers’ includes aspects of classic Jazz with a modern twist, sounding similar to Nick Cave. However, Adam Peter Smith has created an EP which is diverse from the soft Jazz created in ‘L’heure De L’Amour’ to the more jazztronica side in the opening of ‘My Lonely Heart’. 

L’heure De L’amour which translates to ‘the time of love’ is my favourite song on the EP. It’s a relaxing and intimate song that I have had on repeat all week. It’s calming enough to listen to when making dinner or relaxing around friends with a glass (or bottle) of wine.

When I met Adam at Acoustic Rooms, it was clear that his music echoes his aura. In his presence you feel relaxed and warm. Adam took a back seat in conversations rather than bragging about his talent (which would be so easy to do as he’s incredible). Adam’s lack of superiority gave his voice more value to me; to be so humble when there is a clear talent is remarkable.

Adam Peter Smith performing at Nottingham Contemporary.

It’s not only the lyrics which are so powerful, but the way Adam Peter Smith pronounces every single word to make each of them count. To begin a song with ‘I got lost in your eyes though I’ve seen them a thousand times’ is a poetic and powerful move which gripped me to his voice and also to the message of the song.

Preacher has a more upbeat feel but with a smokey Jazz tone. It’s sexy and intriguing, I’m totally going to be dancing to this one. The uprise of Jazz in Nottingham is so important to me as a fan of classical Jazz and Adam Peter Smith allows Jazz to be universal to all audiences. Adam Peter Smith is one to watch. He’s this week’s Note of Nottingham.

Listen to Adam Peter Smith’s latest EP ‘Songs for Dreamers’ on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. You can find out more about this wondrous talent on his Facebook page here.

Peace and love,

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