Featured in NORWICH: Maya Law / Freya Reid

Moving away from your home town can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience.  However, it’s important to be reminded that you’re not that far from home.

People find comfort in so many ways but for me it’s music. So this week I want to take you to my home town of Norwich and experience two young upcoming artists with soul and pure talent.

Maya Law: @mayalxw

Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, Maya understands and explores the balance between focusing on social issues in her music but also allowing them to be relatable for those who listen.

This is expressed in her latest album Her or Him where she collaborated with Allergy Kid (Gabriel Gifford) who reminds me of the Swedish talent Joakim Karud – you may have heard his music as the background for Casey Neistat’s Youtube videos.

One of the tracks ‘Take It From Me’ features the interrogation scene from Usual Suspects and as a unique creative decision it works greatly. Her voice reminds me of Jorja Smith and Maya won’t be far behind Jorja in the music industry.

As a young talent, Maya has already played on BBC Introducing and is hoping to release more music by the end of 2017.

Soundloud: maya law

Freya Reid: @freyaMreid

After first hearing Freya’s voice through a bedroom recording of ‘This Life’ on Twitter, I felt something in her voice that you don’t usually get from young artists. In fact, I had that version on repeat for a LONG time.

As another local Norwich talent and in Norwich everyone knows everyone, Freya knows both Maya Law and Allergy Kid and I really hope they come together as one to create music in the future.

From her SoundCloud, Freya has a variety of artists who she listens to from Frank Ocean’s Biking to Lewis Watson’s Sink or Swim which is reflected through her musical style.

Freya Reid is definitely one to watch and won’t be a small town Norwich girl forever.

Soundcloud: Freya Reid

Peace and love,

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