Why is sport so important at university // NTU Freshers ~ VIDEO

Sport: the one thing from changing from a lost individual fresher to gaining friends for life in a team who you completely adore. Doing a sport at university WILL actually change your life.

Joining Cheerleading in my first week as a fresher I was timid even though I had been a cheerleader 7 years previously and a gymnast my entire life. It’s always frightening joining a new team where nobody knows your name but you HAVE to take the plunge.

This week I sat down with Deputy Head of Sport Luke Goodsall to talk about everything to do with sport alongside new VP Sport Izzy Gregson, NTU Basketball and NTU Cheerleading.

We also include videos about the mysterious third campus Brackenhurt and we get a LIVE performance of NTU Cheerleading who have tryouts and tasters all week.

Be sure to join a sport if you go to university. It definitely changed my live and I’m sure it will change yours.

Watch the full video below!

Peace and love,

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