I left my phone (and heart) in Gran Canaria // LIFESTYLE

The last six months have been a whirlwind; from dressing up as a chicken wing in Lloret De Mar, getting drunk in an Irish bar in Barcelona, spending my birthday in the South of France and dancing until 8am at Latitude festival. I have been incredibly lucky with the memories I have made, but this August I left my heart (and phone) in Gran Canaria.

Family holidays can be a test of your emotions, and spending every day and night with my brothers for TWO WHOLE weeks was more of a challenge than first expected. However, it’s weird to think that this holiday brought me and my brothers even closer than we were before.

Usually, I make a holiday video/vlog but this year every moment felt too special to capture on camera. As Sean O’Connell say’s in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,

“If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.” 

The people you meet on holiday can truly make your journey abroad even better. We gelled with the entertainment team from our hotel as though we had known them for years. The six member gang brought smiles to the faces of my brothers that even made my heart smile. Each person made our stay more than a holiday, they were more than members of staff and they deserve more than a thank you and a ‘see you later’.

It’s not every day that I would accept being awoken by Judy Garland’s ‘Good Morning’ at 10am or dance in my swimwear to Kizunguzungu like I was back in Ibiza but these people made each day exciting, I wanted to do more than read a book and sunbathe.

There were special moments to our holiday too, late night walks on the beach, exciting journeys in Spanish taxis, cocktails and shots with the most inappropriate of names, and laughing with people who don’t share the same first language as me. All these add up to moments that were so difficult to say goodbye to.

Our goodbyes were emotional, even my little brother shed a few tears. We made connections with people that were so unexpected, friendships that I never imagined would happen and memories that really will stay with me for a very long time because like that quote from The Wizard of Oz,

“It’s not where you go… it’s who you meet along the way.”

On the plane to England my brothers decided to play well-known, classic sad songs to wind me up, as if goodbyes weren’t hard enough – hilarious right? No, I WAS A WRECK! Even before the plane had taken off I was in tears, not due to the lack of phone (although that was a huge disappointment) but the not knowing if I would ever return or see these people again.

I can’t say the holiday was life changing or a self-discovery, but the people we met along the way brought such laughter and pure joy to our faces that it didn’t matter where we were in the world because we were content.

Peace and love moonshines,

*P.S. on a more sour note (and for those nosey people who wanted to know what happened to my phone)

I spent the last… the LAST night (I know) of our holiday watching the parrot show with my brothers and our friends Matt, Paula and Eloise. I went to the bar to get a drink but on my return my phone was missing. I hunted everywhere for it and ended up in a Spanish police station in need of a crime reference number. Needless to say at that moment I wish I spoke Spanish as I was SHOOOOOOK! We are back in England now and I claimed my phone on insurance so got a brand new one the following day so Instagram is back, PHEEEW!

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