Sofia Coppola BEGUILED me // VIDEO

In the depths of the southern United States during the Civil War, an eerie all-girl boarding school sets the scene for a dominant performance led by Nicole Kidman who encompasses the true terror that The Beguiled depicts.

The school girls take a feminist leap and even though they are tempted by Colin Farrell’s character of enemy soldier Corporal John McBurney, they use their power as a group to test his alluring nature.

With the whole picture shot on 35mm film, theres a clear contrast between the subtle beauty of shots that mirror paintings and artwork to the brutal gore and fast-paced delivery of action that comes later in the picture, which all add to create an interesting, yet effective blend of styles.

The film is director Sofia Coppolas first remake and what a thrill it is! A nail-biting, unnerving and fascinating drama from start to finish. Despite the limited lines, the scale of each character’s role is imperative in keeping the story flowing and progressing a true skill of Sofia Coppola.

Coppola plays on the idea of isolation, with most of the film set in one room of the school. The film questions who is beguiled, Corporal John McBurney, the female characters in the school, or even us as the audience who are reeled into the topsy-turvy drama… but I’ll let you find out for yourself!

Catch the rest of my day with Sofia Coppola here!

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