Charli XCX said my shoes were cool // GRAD BALL ~ VIDEO

Grad Ball is the chance for you to be entertained in all the best ways alongside other graduates from your year group. I sneaked in as a Fresher to film the action and interview this year’s acts: Charli XCX and Zak Abel.

June was the date, Motorpoint Arena was the venue. Myself and two others from Trent TV went down to film the event and interview the graduating students without knowing we would have the chance to interview the acts themselves.

The evening was filled with casino tables, a chocolate fountain, fairground games and a crowd of drunk students, how else would you want to graduate?

Before Gradball I had never heard of Zak Abel or his music, but it turned out he was the best act of the night. I was obsessed with his style and felt so relaxed in his company. Like c’mon he fed us hummus and peppers, romantic right?

When I interviewed Zak he was convinced we had met before repeating to the group that he’s seen my face before. So either I’m famous in one of the many countries he has been touring or he’s been hanging out at in Ocean on Wednesday’s – my happy place, who knows?

Charli XCX was also a lot of fun. She told me that she that my shoes were cool so if you want to be a trendsetter like me (obviously you do) then wear black platform feels covered in fur. That’s right. FUR. See the photo below. Charli also shared with us her favourite emojis and what to expect in the future including her upcoming single ‘Boys’. Get ready, I adore it.

Overall, the evening was filled with fun and laughter even though I lost my voice in excitement that we were interview the one and only CHARLI XCX see video below (1.07). Man, I can’t wait until next year so we can film this all over again!

Peace and love,

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