How not to be a tourist // LIFESTYLE

Take your minds back to April where I went from having my full body painted brown in Lloret De Mar as a punishment for wearing fake tan on a ‘makeup-less trip’ to overcoming the worst week-long hangover I have ever had in the heart of Barcelona. Welcome to Ginfold (the drink’s in the name).

Our journey began on a coach from Lloret De Mar to Barcelona with four of my favourite cheerleading friends. Once we arrived we made our way to our little hostel (which you can check out HERE) in the centre of Gothic Quarter – the perfect location at such a brilliant price. We paid for a six-bedroom room so we didn’t have to share with other travellers and let our minds rest that our belongings were super duper safe!

When walking through Barcelona I was truly in awe, probably like every other tourist, of the gorgeous architecture of each building. Small cafe’s, modern hotels and the classic tourist attractions – all of them had the gorgeous brickwork and detail that was only related to Spain and Barcelona as a city.

Park Güell was my personal favourite part of our trip. After walking up the many hills to the top of the park, the view of the whole city was beautiful. To view the architecture of Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol was also a treat and if you ever get the chance to visit Barcelona, that’s top of my list!

We hopped on the metro a few times to get from place to place, but after climbing under the barriers without purchasing tickets I felt more on edge, as though I was going to be fined (or worse) in a country I hardly knew. Instead, we decided to trek and embrace the beautiful city we only had only three days to take in.

On our last day we passed out in a park in the centre of Barcelona. After a long week of constant drinking and dancing it was a pure luxury to lie in the Spanish sun surrounded by some of my favourite people with the taste of Fanta lemon lingering in my mouth. *HOLD UP, am I the only one that thinks Fanta lemon tastes A HELLUVALOT better abroad? Is it the sun? Is it the recipe? Is it all psychological? Whatever it is, I love it!

But overall our trip was short but sweet. I got to spend a weekend eating too much tapas with people who knew Barcelona a lot better than me (that was a huge help, I had two personal tour guides can I get a HELL YEAH?!) My only advice is to try not drink too much before your trip and fight a hangover in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Clear your head, take it easy and enjoy everything this Spanish city has to offer.

Peace and love,



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