We’re talking Flatpack but not furniture // REVIEW

Back in May of 2016 I headed up to Birmingham for Flatpack Film Festival with Into Film. The weekend long festival was not like any other film/music festival I had been to before. Read on to find out why…

At festivals you witness other people’s work, adore it, watch/listen to it when you get home and become a fan, right? Well, at Flatpack you learn whilst you’re there. Myself and Laura from Into Film went along to take part in vlogging workshops to help make our content better.

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Great films, great people 🎥 #myflatpack

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In the workshops we were joined by two YouTubers: Shamphat and Jonbehere who taught us their unique way to create short films of themselves and share their stories with humour. They were lovely guys and we got to chat with them in the video below, check it out!

We stayed over in central Birmingham (a first for me!) and prepared ourselves for a busy weekend ahead. The problem was I slept through my alarm! (I know, classic Georgia how did they not fire me there and then… blah) Well I made it – makeup was applied within minutes and although I was going to be on camera all day, it didn’t matter as I was there… sort of on time.

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b'ham 👽

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One of my favourite moments of the weekend was going to a private screening of a secret new film. Myself, Laura and our producer Charlie-May alongside a few other viewers were crammed into a tiny cinema to watch the action-packed and quite frankly JAW DROPPING film which made us come out with such a buzz!

We also got to see short films of cats and dogs (I was in love, they were too cute!) and witness remakes of classic Shakespeare stories which were definitely… different? What I love about film festivals is that even if there is something you don’t like as much, you can still find beauty in the skill of making a film and the artistic direction they were aiming for especially if there was a small budget.

Overall, Flatpack Film Festival was a lot of fun! I got to see inside some of the most beautiful modern yet bohemian offices inspired by films and experience a unique film festival filled with wonderful films and even more wonderful people! #myflatpack

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