Getting naughty with Lady Macbeth // VIDEO

Take a trip to Rural England in 1865 where women have arduous, repetitive routines and little control. That is until Katherine (Florence Pugh) breaks the unfathomable nightmare of her own life by commencing a romantic affair with a labourer. Katherine releases her inner feminist and decides that she doesn’t have to follow in the footsteps of women before her and break away from a male-led society.


‘Lady Macbeth’ takes its main inspiration from Nikolai Leskof’s novella ‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk’ which was later adapted into an opera in 1934. As a film, it’s remarkable to see how William Oldroyd’s directing and Alice Birch’s writing has created such a powerful message and captivating storyline alongside both the intimate and distressing scenes.


Albeit a slow-paced film; the dark, mysterious nature adds to Katherine’s character as somewhat sinister as she delves into a series of murderess episodes whilst being trapped in a loveless marriage. Oldroyd’s debut feature film tactfully exploits the lives of liberated women overshadowed by tradition in an empowering nature for the female audience.


The medium of cinema is perfect for such a powerful story; with a headstrong yet vulnerable main character played by Florence Pugh and an understated traditional story placed into a modern society. With this, the enigmatic narrative gives audience’s the chance to see how women can reach full independence.


Lady Macbeth will test even the most sinister of minds so be prepared to travel into the truth of history only to left thankful 89 minutes later at how women have progressed over the last 100 years.

You can also find my review of the film here!

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