How irrational is Irrational Man? // REVIEW

After my plain sailing interview with Jamie Blackley, I got the chance to check out Woody Allen’s Irrational Man and boy was I impressed.

What you would think would be a ‘boy meets girl‘ rom-com, Irrational Man adds crime, mystery and a cheeky bit of murder to create a ‘tedious fantasy’ similar to most, if not all Woody Allen films.

The 2015 film sees Emma Stone play an intelligent Psychology student, Jill Pollard, who is infatuated with her professor, Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix). Abe’s destructive, depressive and somewhat discourteous personality attracts Stone’s character to learn more about the world, following the phrase ‘we always want what we can’t have’.


Now it would not be a Woody Allen film without a plot twist now would it?! His subtle addition of characters builds the narrative without making the story confusing. In most Woody Allen films the romantic pairings have large age gaps and Irrational Man is no different with a 14 year age gap between Jill and Abe. Their unconventional friendship blossoms before taking a HUGE plot twist that leaves us all on our toes.

The film is not life-changing, but it is an enjoyable watch. It questions how far an individual would go to help another person and how easy it is to run away with an idea without realising the consequences it can have.


I always look to watch films to fit to personal situations or emotions and for me, Irrational Man was a film I needed to watch to clear my head (don’t worry, there is no murder involved). So if you’re looking for humour and lust with a twist, then this is it. Woody Allen, you have me impressed once again.

Peace and love,

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