One ingredient to spice up your wardrobe

There is a pattern to everything I wear even if items don’t match, yet there is always one staple that remains.

When in London it’s easy to hide into the sea of dark coloured coats. However, I tend to take a bold leap and look like a highlighter in a packet of black Sharpie’s or a hi-vis jacket on gloomy night.

To use the term ‘obsessed’ underrates my feeling for the colour yellow. I’m slowly turning into a human version of Winnie the Pooh…


To complete each outfit there will always be a hidden addition of yellow in some form. That can stretch from coats, shoes or skirts to little mustard earrings – if you want yellow I’ve probably got it.

This week I delved back into Nottingham city centre on the hunt for a new piece of clothing to ‘brighten’ my wardrobe. Unsurprisingly I fell in materialistic love…

On my first stop I went to Zara and picked up these GORGEOUS yellow trousers for £19.99 which I believe are ideal for summer and will match with a little striped number and glittery shoes (I know, hang in there).

New Look was next and I couldn’t refuse to buy this *heart eyes emoji* for £39.99 why would you not wear something so stylish and sophisticated yet also so much fun! This is yellow coat number three for me…


Yellow is such a warm colour and reminds me of the great summer holidays I have experienced. Colours are so in, so ditch the monochrome and spice up your life!

Now as for my next purchase…


I joke… but the temptation is unreal!
Just call me yellow.

Peace and love,

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