Waitress confessions // LIVE FOR THE MOMENT

‪One of the regulars at work told me he may not live until the next time I’m home from university and time had never seemed so valuable. ‬

‪It’s been roughly 3 years since I started working at our local pub/restaurant when I was so fragile and timid at 15. A lot has changed and all of it for the better. You learn from people who have lived through amazing periods of history that I could have never of witnessed myself.

‪I could write for hours on how each of our regular customers of all ages have continuously made me smile in one way or another but it’s true – they’re friends from another generation infused with wisdom and quirky life tales.

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‪”Live for the moment” Jim told me from Table 15 whom I saw every Saturday lunchtime without fail at 12 o’clock, ordering his regular: grilled plaice, new potatoes and tomato ketchup each week. ‬ ‪It’s customers like Jim who you want to make smile by giving them that cheeky grin of yours and an extra squeeze with their hug when they leave. ‬

As I handed him his meal, he told me that this may be the last time I serve him as he’s afraid he won’t live until Easter. As doubtful and somewhat upsetting as it may sound, he gave me some incredible life messages in the certainty that he has lived his life full to the brim right into his nineties.

You don’t quite realise the impact you’re making on customers while you’re waitressing, who bravely come out alone for a meal simply for the atmosphere and conversation they receive, as well as the somewhat tasty food.

‪When working in a busy and sometimes overcrowded restaurant, its easy to lose your level head and panic when four orders have just come in, there’s hot food to be taken but you’ve also got to make an abundance of desserts and starters whilst keeping a smile on your face.

I’ve seen many waitresses and friends leave the job due to its over-manic nature. But it’s what I strive from, the busy and tireless atmosphere and that constant feeling that it will never end, yet goes so fast. Keeping busy is vital and time flies when you’re having fun, right?

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Coming back here for Christmas was the ideal way to keep me grounded over the festive period. Taking sanctuary in a familiar pub/restaurant environment can give the greatest rewards, such as listening to their incredible stories that you don’t often get at university.

‪Who would have thought that I would return to the first place I asked for a job and managed to stick it even throughout university. But you know what they say, home is where the heart is. ‬

Peace and love moonshines,

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