Being a Sugar Baby – the student dream

Girls are sugar and spice and all things nice? I’d think again.

The definition of a Sugar Daddy has deteriorated since the Laurel and Hardy ‘Sugar Daddies’ film was released back in 1927. The American phenomenon introduces older, rich men (sugar daddies) to younger, ‘beautiful’ girls (sugar babies).

Lola Ray (names has been changed to protect interview subjects’ privacy) has been using a variety of sites over the last 12 months, including Seeking Arrangement, making up to £400 per date.

“The dates I agree to are completely platonic…” Lola says “…and I plan on keeping it that way”. “I’ve been offered to have sex for a lot of money but I still have my dignity and I don’t think it’s worth losing for a one off fling”.

The 20-year-old student’s story resinates with millions across the country. “When you’re a student who’s in a lot of debt, being a sugar baby takes a lot of the pressure away.” There’s a quick and simple sign up too, making it accessible and easy to meet sugar daddies for an agreed price.

Seeking Arrangement is one of the many websites Lola uses to stay in contact with her clients. The site has over 5 million users and continues to grow with students being at the heart of the spectacle.


With over £27,000 of debt, students are actively looking for ways to receive quick cash-boosts without working a 9-5 Saturday job. “I thought… I need money so I’m going to do it.”

Relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies can be completely platonic or “you can sleep with them for money, but it would be an agreed arrangement.” Lola can make up to £400 per date without having sex with her sugar daddy.

The majority of the men on the site are businessmen with a large amount of disposable income. “They don’t always have the time for a full-time relationship, but want short term meet ups with no strings attached”.

Although she has been offered a lot of money to partake in sexual acts, Lola doesn’t want agree to this form of prostitution. “I’m happy with £100 for a date, free food and good company – why would you ruin that by sleeping with someone two or three times your age?”

Lola has matured from the experiences she’s faced. Not everyone can make quick money, choose their own hours and enjoy the work they’re doing. Is this the future of online dating?

Seeking Arrangement is an online verified website open to those of all ages and backgrounds. You can sign up for free and explain your situation online. Whether you’re looking for a quick ‘hook-up’, a long-term relationship, or casual dating the site gives you the choice.

If you’re a young student, an older man or just curious check out the website today to earn easy money or find a new form of relationship. ‘True love’ may not have an age, but surely it’s got a price tag?

(Digital Journalism assessment grade: 1st)
Peace and love,

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