Let’s get personal with Emily Blunt // video

Have you ever been on a journey whether by foot, car, bus or even train, glanced into the homes of other people and wondered what they get up to? You haven’t? I dare you to do it (not in a voyeuristic way, no restraining orders please!)

Recently, I went down to London for a swanky press junket with Into Film to talk to the cast of the hit new-ish film, The Girl on the Train. We went to a fancy hotel to chitchat with the girl we’ve all wanted to talk to.

The murder mystery film, similar to an NCIS episode, had me biting the inside of my mouth due to its intensity. My lip then began to bleed with a small amount of pain so, it felt more of a 4D experience…

The film is easily summed up with two words: sex sells. Like the recent rise of Magic Mike XXL and 50 Shades of Grey, TGOTT plays on stereotypes to create a pleasurable thriller. Need I say anymore?

Watch my interview with Emily Blunt (and others) below who were absolute babes! After watching the film (and interview obviously) I’m sure you’ll never have a normal train journey again.

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