Appreciation day 101 – Age UK

We can forget about those who care about us, who cherish and value us. We’re often overshadowed by judgements that don’t matter, but today we put this behind us for a little bit of appreciation.

Some days I wake up and cannot wait to get to uni and learn something new. However, other days can be entirely contradictory where I question why I’m on this course. I hit my first ‘rock bottom’ last weekend and although it’s good to question your existence every once and a while, I believed I was pushing myself in a darker hole and over thinking issues that really shouldn’t matter.


We’re all in this bubble where we’re focussing on getting a first, attending all our lectures, keeping up an active social life and pushing the boundaries as a fresher. For the first time in over six months (probably) I full on girl cried and boy did it feel good! At the time I felt weak and somewhat like a small child who had fell and grazed their knees – I craved the comforting hugs from my Mum and realised how lucky I was to have her in my life.

It’s ok to struggle, it’s ok to cry and it’s ok not to be ok.

For that short moment when I was alone, I thought of my two Nan’s who face this struggle everyday. Who wake up alone each morning and seek purpose in the long days. After a short pity-party, I felt it was time to woman up and face my inner demons. So I went online and found the Age UK website and quite frankly: it was one of the best things I’ve done since being here.

I signed myself up to be a volunteer for the #1millionhours scheme. A service where you have a 30-minute phone call once a week (that’s only two hours in your entire month) with someone over the age of 75 who has no one else to talk to. The Age UK volunteering scheme not only allows you to talk you heart out to someone who craves conversation, but you also befriend someone who has wisdom, guidance and stories as good as Louis Therox’.


These people on the other side of the line look forward to your conversations, it’s what keeps them going. They are alone, yet are so strong and I admire every pensioner who can take themselves out of bed each morning and make the most out of their day even without a single plan in mind.

Today, I pledge you to sign up to the scheme. Either become a telephone befriender or you have the choice to meet them in person instead. It’s rewarding, it makes my heart smile and I’m sure it will make yours smile too. So if you’re having a tough day and want to make someone’s day then sign up, because you’re worth it (Loreal didn’t sponsor this post, the caption just seemed fitting).

Peace and love moonshines,

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