I left university? (well nearly)

Reflecting on the previous two months, I’m yet to be convinced that university is ‘the best three years of your life’. Alas, being a fresher is fun and is the best excuse for all the silly things I’ve done.

Throughout my time at sixth form, I dreamt of being here in this exact moment with my own space, rules and independence. I thought that perhaps by being here, I would delve into a new world where I could simply be myself and it would all be ‘fun and games’, but it’s not all true – your actions have consequences.

It turns out I’ve had THE most topsy-turvy time over the past two months; I’ve been the girl I’ve always envied, but I’ve also been the girl I hate, showing the side of me that I didn’t want to return.

This first term of being a ‘fresher’ has been 100% stereotypical and at moments, I did feel as though I was living the life of Effy from Skins (or probably Pandora… due to my lack of common sense). I’ve made mistakes, regrets and made jokes at the most inappropriate of times however, that’s not new for me.


However I miss familiarity, the friendly faces who understand the quirky nature of my split personality. I was told that by coming to university I would be surrounded by like-minded people who all strive for the same goal yet I haven’t found those people. I feel more different and somewhat unique than ever before.

Now this is not a depressing blog post because I really do love it here, but there have been times where…

…and I’ve given myself time to reflect on my peculiar nature. So, this blog has a new folder  for these ‘university moments’ where I simply have no idea what is going on.

There have been unexpected moments that shouldn’t have happened and no one has shed light on them. So here I am, in my little blog folder (seems more like a diary) filled with things you should know whilst being at university and all the thing you shouldn’t do. My burn book of 2016 (sort of).


With peace and love as always to my dearest moonshines,

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