What they don’t tell you about going to university

It’s a big step right? Moving away from home, meeting new people and ONLY studying one subject. University will teach you a lot about yourself and the people around you.. here’s what they don’t tell you.

Just because you’ve all chosen to study the same course, it doesn’t mean you all want the same thing.

You’re not going to have the same interests and you won’t like everyone on your course however, there will be a few gems who you adore.

Your Nan will worry that you’re doing too much, but you can’t explain to her how important ‘the sesh’ is

You are going to be tired, CONSTANTLY.

Your Nan will worry that you’re doing too much, but you can’t explain to her how important ‘the sesh’ is. Each bar has a different student night meaning you’re going to be out every night so lectures may be the only time to get some well-needed rest.


Joining a sport or society is the best choice you can make, but you can’t join them all.

Your fresher reps and even your course tutor will advise you to do as much as you can in your first year but there simply is not enough hours to juggle the cocktail society alongside thai boxing and speaking on a radio show every Wednesday evening.


Ordering a take away will only ever be a luxury filled with regret.

When your student loan comes in you’re overwhelmed with a large amount of money. Don’t go crazy with your spend or else by Christmas you’re eating a cheap Aldi pizza that tastes like cardboard.

Going natural is this year’s ‘London look’.

Prepare to not wear makeup to your 9am lectures and rock those pyjama bottoms to your weekly seminars. University will look like one constant sleepover if your parents could see you, but your skin will thank you for it – adios acne!

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Peace and hugs,

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