Creeping it real this Halloween

Halloween; the only time of the year when else can you dress up as any character, creature or individual and not be shunned by the rest of society because if you’ve got it, haunt it.

The history of Halloween slithers back around 2000 years where Celts residing in what is now Ireland used the 31st of October as their New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Pumpkins on Halloween are also something we have the Irish to thank for. Let’s throwback to the 19th century where vegetables such as turnips and aubergines were hollowed out and carved to resemble faces and fend off unwanted visitors.

Tonight’s the night so check out these costumes for Halloween!

  • Harambe; Gorilla turned cult icon is sure to be popular this year as memes become reality.
  • Harley Quinn; If you don’t see one this year you’ll be one of the lucky few.
  • Donald Trump; Controversial Presidential candidate is possibly the easiest to ridicule this year.
  • Pokémon trainer; The Pokemon Go hype might have died, but that won’t stop thousands going for this easy costume.
  • Blood down someone’s face; For the person that just cannot be bothered.

If you’re a drinker there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourselves this Halloween in Nottingham; despite it being Monday!

Pom Pom is putting a spooky twist on their weekly Dirty Mondays, offering the best in RnB, Pop and Hip Hop. Tickets only we’re afraid; though there are sure to be plenty selling them on their Facebook page.

Pryzm, the massive 3 room nightclub is coming onto their third day of Halloween celebrations. Cheap, Pop, RnB and Dance, this is not one to be missed.


For those of you that are partial to more rock music; Bar Eleven’s Phlebas and The Bunker’s Jump Ship are hosting Halloween specials of their weekly alternative club nights. Always a laugh if you fancy a change from your standard club night.

We dress up every year for Halloween, but few seem to know why. Impress your mates this year when you drop this trivia on them.


The tradition dates back to the 18th and 19th Centuries. People wore costumes to scare away supernatural beings, who were believed to come out at the end of October. The tradition continued, but our modern understanding of dressing up took hold in the 1930’s, where people began dressing up as costumes based on characters in the mass media; and so the modern era of Halloween began.

But enough of the history of Halloween, look to the future, have fun and stay safe!

I look forward to see all your Halloween costumes and makeup (of course).
Peace and love Moonshines,

*edited with Daniel Quinnell and Nick Padron


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