The under-appreciation of jazz music in 2016

Chart music is losing its ability to capture an audience and make an honest connection with its listeners. What we’re missing are songs with a real beat, rhythm and class. We’re missing jazz.

As a teenage girl it’s not popular to listen to the likes of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James but these women have talent that I can’t see in the music of 2016.

Role models are crucial to growing up. In 2016, (please note I’m not generalising teen culture here) SOME girls look up to YouTubers, makeup artists or singers who post provocatively in their music videos.


Although these women are powerful in their own right, the messages that are reflected in jazz music is much more admirable and has much more class. Marilyn Monroe is still loved by millions across the world, and so should Nina Simone and Etta James because of their incredible musical talents.

 Waking up to a classic British cup of tea and the voice of Nat King Cole will always set me up for a good day

Music comes from the heart, and there’s nothing that cheers me up more than the smooth saxophone beat accompanied by gentle piano and savvy bass. Waking up to a classic British cup of tea and the voice of Nat King Cole will always set me up for a good day.

When visiting my Grandparents, they tend to reminisce about ‘the good ol’ days’ and music is a huge part of their happiness. Even through their post-war struggles and heartache, their stories are joined with jazz music.

I wish I could play a constant echo of this exact track listing in my head every morning (honestly check it out, even if you think you’re not into this sort of this… you might be!)

Music has such great power and for me, jazz ‘hits me right in the feels’  and with that being said, I’m going to dance my booty off to Glenn Miller’s ‘In The Mood’. Take that Beyoncé.

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