Eating brains with Lily James and Douglas Booth // VIDEO

Last month I travelled to a swanky hotel in London to the press screening of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. From there I got to review the hit new film…

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Pride and Prejudice is not the first book or film that comes to mind when looking for gory, horror or action and it is definitely not the one you associate zombies with. The original Jane Austen novel may not be the ideal first choice of books for teenagers across the country and is not usually one you would boast about to your friends. However, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the upcoming hybrid of films combining traditional literature and modern themes. The film gives an opportunity for young people to express their love for zombies with the guilty pleasure of seeing Jane Austen novella come to life over 200 years after the first edition was written.

At first glance, the film could be seen as a parody made to entertain audiences, but I feel the message was deeper than this. From watching the film you have a wider understanding of Austen’s original book and an unexpected appetite for traditional literature. At times I found myself laughing at moments unsure if they were purposeful. The blend of period drama, fantasy and horror genres were a little confusing in the mind, as though a zombie had began eating my brain although; every moment was executed to the best of its capability. It was predictable, yet somewhat intriguing leaving me on the edge of my seat anticipating for the next another zombie that would pop up on the screen in front of me.

Like all traditional horror films, music plays a huge part in its suspense and nail biting action. The electrifying sounds of zombies in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies made Mr. Darcy (played by Sam Riley) that little bit more intriguing all thanks to Fernando Velázquez who produced the music for the film. Every tiptoe, blood splatter, and crawl felt like a first person shooter game – the movie version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. As an audience we saw the action from the view of the living and the ‘un-dead’ as though we were there amidst the action.

The Time is Now is a season of films which explores and celebrates the empowerment of women in film. Lily James’ role as influential female Elizabeth Bennet was absolutely remarkable. She went against every stereotype set for women and thrived within the 21st century trend of feminism. Overall, her role was somewhat inspiring; especially for younger audiences who may not understand that you don’t need a man to be successful. It will not be surprising if this film wins awards for its originality and creativity. A great watch for those looking for a new form of entertainment.

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After a week of thinking of questions to ask I went to a top hotel in London to interview four of the main stars of the film. Watch the video to find out more!

Thanks for watching/reading my dearest moonshines!!

Peace and love,


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