Eyeliner on fleek! Review

I have found a product better than Benefit! Yes, you read that correctly!!

As you all know, Benefit is my go to brand, it’s just great. But, with lack of funds I cannot afford to keep splashing my cash on makeup that is not a necessity.

Eyeliner is one of, if not the most important product of them all. I’ve used Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ eyeliner religiously since it came out, but I’ve found a new, cheaper gem which I’m sure you will all love!

The  L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense eyeliner is my new favourite thing (despite its long name). For £6.99 it really is no hardship on Benefit.



For me, eyeliner can be very difficult to get right. There are more mistakes made with eyeliner than any other product, FACT! This eyeliner is like a pen and you can increase the ‘width’ of the wing depending on how hard you press down on it (I couldn’t reword this to make it sound any better haha!) It’s a lot more fluid that the ‘They’re Real’ eyeliner from Benefit, and is not waxy at all.

It’s super quick and easy to apply and is definitely a product I recommend! All photos were taken with Canon EOS 700D and the eyeliner is the only makeup on my face in these photos #emptyeyebrows.

Thanks for reading, moonshines!


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