Bay, Bae, Bey?

Oh my Beyonce! Last week I was in a Media class and we watched the whole coverage of the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time Show. A 15 minute video of Beyonce and a range of her songs over the years.

As a Media Studies student, I had to analyse every camera shot, colour, costume, location, star image etc and honestly I have never been so influenced and somewhat inspired in my whole life.

Holy macaroni, Beyonce is on another level!! I never thought of myself as a huge Beyonce fan as quite frankly she isn’t the usual genre of music I would listen to, but after that lesson my mind changed forever.

I think I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to analyse Beyonce as an artist for my A2 Media exam because I could write a book about her! Her work is captivating, and this performance tops it off.

In every shot, every blink she looks absolutely incredible and sings like a dream. I cannot imagine what it be would like to see her live, I would probably be so overwhelmed and utterly amazed!


One thing that made me smile the most about this is the fact that Destiny’s Child comes on stage to join her in this performance and re-enacting Charlie’s Angels (definitely brought back my childhood!).

In 15 minutes, Beyonce performed all of her most well-known songs and some that may not be known to all audiences. Oh my, I wish I was there! One day…I’ll keep dreaming!

I wish I was Beyonce! Thanks for reading this post, check out my other recent posts if you would like to have a good read! Have a great week moonshines! Next post coming on Friday.. Beyonce, more like Baeonce?

Thanks for reading moonshines.
Peace and love,

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2 thoughts on “Bay, Bae, Bey?

    1. Hi Angela 🙂
      It’s for an A-level class in England. I plan to carry on studying Media at university next year because it’s so interesting!
      Just checked out your blog and I love your style!


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