‘That Gig Feeling’

Embracing live music is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Over the years I have seen some of my favourite artists in the world, some huge well-known bands and other small bands from a small part of the country. No matter what band I see, the after-feeling I get is always the same, it’s electric.

For me, the ‘gig feeling’ is so overwhelming – being surrounded by people who have the same love for the artist on stage and having everyone sing along to lyrics that mean something different to each individual.

I went to see Circa Waves last week in my hometown. I’m not really a fan of all their music but I had a free ticket and a free evening so thought why not?! I rarely go to gigs if I’m not a fan as I think that someone else may deserve the ticket more (especially when they’re sold out tickets).

Luckily, this gig was one that I thought would be ok to take the plunge and attend. Usually, I get really hyped up, over excited and literally just bat-shit crazy when I see a band live.

Seeing Foo Fighters perform was one of the greatest gigs, if not THE greatest gig I have ever been to. Everyone in the crowd loved the band just as much, if not more, than I did and it was so lovely to see a group of people of all ages, backgrounds and genders come together to sing along with Dave Grohl.

Circa Waves were great fun, there was a small mosh pit and it was a rather decent night, but for the first time I got to look at the crowds faces and see ‘that feeling’ that you have waited so long to see this band in reality, to feel the bass vibrating the floor and listening to the lyrics in a way that you could never hear on a CD, iPod or even Vinyl.

A gig feeling is one like no other, live music is so remarkable and it makes me speechless. There is no better way to listen to music, than listening to it live.

If you get the opportunity go to a small gig in your home town, listen to the difference to the sounds and feel the love in the room. It’s surreal! Thanks for reading moonshines, check out my recent posts and have a great weekend!

Peace and love,

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